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Activity and enrichment based day care focused on the needs of apartment and inner city fur kids. We will wear your fur kid out both physically and mentally through guided activities including but not limited to: treasure hunts, puzzles, basic obedience, scent work, group play, ball fun, pool parties in summer, compulsory nap times, bubble play and more! We are community focused and will help you and your fur kid through each stage of their life. We provide feedback and ongoing support for any issues or hiccups your fur kid may have. If you want to see us in action check out our Facebook page and Instagram story for the days fun!

Casual Day Rate | $50 | $30 for extra fur kids

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Trial Day | $30

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Recurring Billing

1 Day of Fun $50

2 Days of Fun $90

3 Days of Fun $135

4 Days of Fun $180

5 Days of Fun $225

Our recurring billing system works on a weekly basis with the amount of days your fur kid is signed up to coming out each Sunday (e.g Freddy comes twice a week so $90 is direct debited each Sunday). The payment side is streamlined for you and us and then all you need to do is book your fur kids day/s in PetExec as normal. We will set this up for you in store. Recurring billing guarantees your fur kid a spot at day care. 

More than one fur kid? Give us a call for prices


Smell You Later! |  $20 ALL Dogs 

Includes a hydro-bath and towel dry | +$5 for extra sensitive shampoo

Blissful Bubbles | Dogs: small $35 med/large $45 giant $60

Includes bath, blow dry, perfume.

Posh Paws | Dogs: small $50 med $60 large $70

A tidy up - also pawfect for puppies. Includes hydrobath, blow dry, sanitary trim, nail trim, trim around and under feet, fringe trim and tail trim.

Cut and Polish | Dogs: small $70 med $80 large $90 giant $poa

Full groom includes hydrobath, blow dry, sanitary trim, nail trim, ear clean, tail trim and EITHER body clip and face shape OR de-shed/brush out (removes undercoat and helps with the moulting process - suits both short and long-haired shedders).


Grooming prices are based on a healthy and well maintained coat. For matted coats additional charges may apply

Size guide

Small - miniature poodle and any crosses, maltese, shih tzu, bichon, llasa apso, small cavaliers, mini schnauzer

Medium – cocker spaniel, schnauzer, Kerry Blue terriers, large cavaliers, cattle dog, border collie, kelpie

Large – german shepherd, aussie shepherd, standard poodle and any crosses, golden retriever, small samoyed

Giant – malamute, newfoundland, St Bernard, Large samoyed

The Extras 

Polished Paws 

Nail clipping $10

Paw balm $5

Nail polish $10


Fresh Breath & Pearly Whites | Teeth Cleaning $15 

Stand Out | Strip Out Starting At $40 


Puppy School | 6 week course $200


Week 1: orientation and basic grooming

Week 2: basic first aid and feeding
Week 3: house and crate training
Week 4: positive reinforcement training and treat work
Week 5: basic lead work
Week 6: socialisation and graduation

6 week class taught by Kaz at DDCB will give you and your new fur kid the foundations for a long, happy, healthy, rewarding and mentally stimulating relationship. Ease the new pawrent worry!


Training and Day Care Package | $POA

All behaviour issues catered for. Special requests? Just ask us!

Call Kaz to book: 0402 496 890

Your dog's backyard


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m. 0402 496 890 


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