At Doggy Day Care Brisbane
we believe in Social Inclusion through compassion and kindness. All businesses as well as individuals have a special way to contribute.

Our Social Responsibility

We are part of and have a responsibility to our community. We believe in compassion and a happy and healthy life for everyone. Dogs and animals provide companionship with known curative affects for people suffering loneliness and depression. As a former spokesperson for domestic violence and animal cruelty for the Animal Justice Party I am well aware of the need for services that keep companion animals and their humans together in times of crisis. We are committed to supporting organisations that facilitate this.

Throughout the year we run several fundraising and donation drives. We support a variety of charity organisations including Animals In Need Brisbane, D.A.R.E and The Rescue Collective

We are delighted to partner with the charity Little Lives for their community project 'Fur Friends in the Community'. I encourage you to check out their website about this awesome project.

We are also proud to offer free day care to fur kids who are currently being fostered. It is such a great delight to watch them grow in confidence and make new fur friends. 


We are proud to be contributing to a better life for all living beings. 

To find out more about social inclusion, contact us today on 0408 024 928.

Woman Hugging Dog