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Your dog's backyard


Monday-Friday Drop off 6.30am-9am - Pick Up 3pm-6.30pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my fur kid need to be desexed?

If your fur kid is 6 months or over they will need to be desexed before attending DDCB.


Is DDCB a fit for my fur kid?

If your fur kid is social, friendly, able to be handled by different humans (not just their pawrent) and eager to learn then a trial day with us sounds pawfect! We pride ourselves on working with anxious fur kids and fur kids who need to build confidence so if this sounds like your fur kid please give us a call to discuss.


DDCB is not for fearful, reactive or aggressive fur kids.


Does my fur kid need to attend a trial day?

Yes. We offer trial days on Mondays and Fridays (when our books are open). A trial day is a full day of day care where we get a chance to spend time learning what your fur kid likes and what they need to work on. At the end of the trial day we will provide feedback on their day and help decide with you if your fur kid is a fit or not. 


On a trial day we recommend a drop off before 8am and pick up before 5pm. An earlier drop off means they aren't the last fur kid coming in to a large group (I liken it to turning up last to a party where you don't know anyone, it can be a bit overwhelming) and an earlier pick up allows us time to have a chat about their day and make a plan going forward. You will need to be available to pick up your fur kid if they aren't coping on their trial day. Please understand that if your fur kid needs to be picked up from a trial day we will not refund your $30.


What does my fur kid need to bring with them?

We require all fur kids to wear a collar to day care and to be on lead when coming into reception and leaving. We will hold onto the leads while they are with us. If you use a harness feel free to have them in this but make sure they also have a collar to wear for the day. 

Do you feed lunch?

No we don't and please don't bring lunch with you. If your fur kid requires special treats or has allergies please bring a small amount with you but we do not feed meals. 


What else do I need to know?

We really encourage a phone call or email to us before your fur kids trial day. This gives both of us a chance to ask some questions and for us to get a feel for the fur kid. We ask that you read the contracts when you sign up, nearly every question you may have is answered in there. 


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Your dog's backyard


8 Mollison Street

West End

Brisbane | Queensland

Australia 4101

General Enquiries 

m. 0408 024 928

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