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My Dog and COVID-19

In these uncertain times it can be tricky to know who to listen to and what #information is correct. I understand this is a stressful time however I want to quickly touch on the subject before we go into full panic mode!

Our #dogs cannot contract #covid19, I will repeat, our dogs cannot contract COVID-19. Nor can any of our other #companionanimals. So live without fear that your #furbaby will be affected.

We have already started to see people #workingfromhome and this will only increase in the following months. What I ask, as a #smallbusiness owner, is that you continue to #support small businesses. If you are working from home and on pay please continue to bring your fur kid to #doggydaycarebrisbane. You might love having your #furkid around all day everyday however dogs need routine, they need a place where they can go and be a dog, they need #enrichment and activities, they need #furfriends, they need to have a #safeplace to learn, test boundaries and grow without you around (no offense)! Our fur kids love #daycare and the need for us is no different, day care is for dogs to have a place to go and 'dog'. You are not a dog and not as fun as being with their friends, so please keep this in mind.

As a person who sees fur kids with anxiety everyday my fear with keeping them at home without day care is that we will see an increase in #seperationanxiety and #stress once everyone returns to work. I already see this after dogs are kept at home during #schoolholidays. I do not want you all to have this issue once life returns to normal and trust me it will happen. Dogs are needy! They don't want to go from having you home everyday to no one being there. Keep them in a routine, for their sake.

In these crazy times I want us to support each other while we can, where we can. I want us to understand that everything is a circle and when we break the circle there will be consequences of which we cannot foresee. Let's keep the circle going.

Stay safe and your fur kid in now!

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