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What's wrong with my face!?

Today we are going to #chat about the importance of a good face #groom on your #furkid. It can be overlooked for many reasons including, we love their fluffy little faces and we think it is super #cute when they are a bit shaggy! This is all true however excessive facial hair can cause them #hygiene, #sight, #mouth and #ear issues.

As you have probably seen out and about there are many #oodles - #cavoodles, #moodles, #spoodles, #groodles and more! Of course this isn't just an oodle problem, if you have a medium to long haired fur kid you need to read this and be aware. A common concern for us here at #doggydaycarebrisbane is when their faces are overgrown and our #groomers are trying to get #pawrents to understand that a good face clean up needs to be a regular occurrence with these fluffy breeds!

Some issues that can be found by leaving your fur kids face long and overgrown are:

- ear infections from the hair being long and getting stuck together under those glorious long ears,

- heavy ears from matting and too much hair being on them,

- bad breath from having hair constantly wet (you can see this usually at the sides of the mouth) inside and around the mouth,

- excessive hair near the gums and mouth can form ulcers and need vet care,

- anxiety because they can't see properly from overgrown hair and;

- knots and matting around the eyes and nose.

This is all easily dealt with of course but like everything in life it is all about education. The more you know about your particular #dogbreed the more you can look after their needs. A facial clean up should happen every 4-5 weeks in general. If you attend #ddcb you can easily book them in to have this happen while in #daycare, otherwise contact your local #doggroomer and do a recurring booking. This makes life simpler and easy for everyone, including the fur kid!

As always I hope this has been #helpful and if you have any #question please feel free to contact me.

Shaggy dog syndrome??

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