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What to expect when you're expecting...a fur baby!

Felling a bit nervous about becoming a #pawrent? First time having a #puppy around? Not sure what to expect? I will give you some #keypoints for getting prepared for the new arrival!

1: Research Research Research

Don't rely on others to tell you what sort of #dog will be a #pawfect fit for your household. Only you can make this decision. Things to consider include: do you have kids? Allergies? What size space do you have? Rent or own? Dog size. Cost. Time. Energy of the dog. Do you have other animals? What sort of lifestyle do you live? You need to be honest about these questions.

There are online #dogbreed information sheets which can be a good tool to give you an idea about the temperament and needs of specific breeds. If you are looking at a #rescuedog (go you) these information sheets can still be helpful and give you an overview of what to expect with a mixed breed. I have countless conversations with pawrents who had no idea the background of their breed, it explains a lot of behaviors that shine through and if you go in knowing what to expect you will be in a better position to decide if you have the time and money to invest.

#puppyfarms are rife throughout the country including here in #queensland so please do your research if you are going down the line of buying a #pup from a #dogbreeder. There is a #facebook page called No Puppy Farms in Queensland this is a good place to start in educating yourself about where a lot of pups come from.

#rescues are always needing #fostercarers for pups. You can literally try before you adopt! Fostering can help answer the questions above and see if having a pup is the right decision after all! Local rescues include: A Mini Rescue, Animals in Need Brisbane, RSPCA QLD, AWL just to name a few.

Remember a pup turns into a dog! They are expensive you need to factor in the upfront costs, de-sexing, worming and flea treatment, vaccinations, grooming, enrichment, day care, vet visits, boarding and food! These factors need to be considered before getting a pup. If you adopt a lot of these initial costs e.g de-sexing and vaccinations are already done.

2: The Meet and Greet

There should be NO situation if you are buying from a breeder where you do not get to go and meet the pup and see where it has been living with mum. If this is hard or you are told no this is a red flag and I would be looking at other options.

In a rescue situation a meet and greet might occur at a shelter, a foster carers home or your place. If you have other another dog make sure you take them along.

A meet and greet is the time to ask all your questions...make them good! If you have done your research about the breed, breeder, rescue etc you will be seeking clarification and checking that they are telling you the truth.

3: Time, Money and Effort...

Pup is what!? We all know #puppyschool is on the to-do list so what makes a good one? Find one that caters for your lifestyle. Here at #doggydaycarebrisbane most of our fur kids live in apartments so our puppy school is focused on skills to help pup in this environment and #innercityliving. I recommend finding a #puppyclass that teaches crate training, basic lead work, first aid and socialising based on the area you live in.

I think we all breathe a sigh of relief after puppy school is done but your #training journey has only really just begun. Dogs need jobs! If we don't give them things to do they will find things to do...usually things we don't approve of such as #barking, #chewing on furniture oe becoming lead reactive. You should look for further training to keep your dog learning and to keep them interested in mental stimulation. If you don't want something traditional why not a scent work class or agility.

Enrichment #toys are essential my favorites include every kind of #lickimat, #snufflemats, frozen goodies, #slowfeeders, DIY toys made from toilet rolls and the list goes on. We use all of these at #daycare so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for #inspo. Speaking of day care this is a pawfect solution for when your pup has graduated from puppy school. Day care provides mental and physical stimulation, guided #playtime, basic training along with a safe place for your new kid to learn social skills, make new #furfriends and to wear them out. Day care is a place to teach them how to 'dog'. Starting early is important so we can teach them that being away from us, their pawrent, is OK. They can build resilience and confidence which is what every dog needs.

Lastly, ask for help. We are lucky to live in a #dogloving community. Having a new member of the #family can be stressful, tiring and sometimes overwhelming. This is when you need to reach out and seek guidance. The pup is not doing any behavior on purpose you probably just need a hand in understanding why they are doing it and how we can teach them to do something different.

A new pup is cute, obviously, but please remember most dogs will live till they are about 13-15yrs old. This is a lifelong investment. They will provide you with #happiness

, unconditional love, fun times, great memories and a snuggle buddy so this is what they deserve in return.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call. We love pups and are more than happy to help.

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