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What makes our new grooming parlour special?

Updated: May 22, 2022

What makes our new #doggroomingparlour special? 🐶 One on one appointments. Your fur kids grooming experience is important to us. We want to give our full attention to your pooch and only your pooch! We understand some fur kids don't like being groomed so this one on one service is pawfect to alleviate stress and give them a safe environment to build trust.

🐶 Our products are all #ecofriendly, #plantbased and Australian Made and

Owned (Australian Made Campaign). Melanie Newman is a successful groomer and her products are designed to not only clean your doggo but to improve and keep healthy their coat and skin. We will be offering an exclusive body scrub from her range...devine!

🐶 Convenience is key to our busy lives. What better way to make your life simpler and to give your fur kid a great day out by having them join our enrichment and activity based Doggy Day Care crew after their groom. Easy peasy! Ask us how to arrange this.

🐶 We love dogs! We are extremely lucky to offer day care, a grooming parlour, training, human grade dog food, dog accessories, puppy school and more in one location. We live and breathe this doggy world and know that we can offer you a service that is next to none.If you would like to book your pooch in for a groom please give Kaz a call on 0408 024 928. .

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