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The joys of a new pup

Isn't it the best! Becoming a new #pawrent. You picture yourself running free down the beach with your new #bff, cuddled on the couch binge watching Netflix, sitting at your favorite cafe with the #fur kid by your side...and then your realise what #puppy life is really about!

It can be daunting and the anxiety of not knowing what to do and when is real so here are some #helpful #tips to start you on the right track.

+ Find a #vet who takes the time to listen to you and explains things that you may not understand. A vet is not there to lecture you or make you feel bad for not knowing something. They should be gentle with your #furkid and gentle with you.

+ Enrol in #puppyschool and enrol in one that offers you further education. Here at #doggydaycarebrisbane we offer a 6 week course that forms a foundation for further education and lays out some basic information that you may not find anywhere else. Can be really simple things such as how to get your #pup used to the car. What can they eat? Your #puppy #school should be a safe place and one where you can ask lots of questions and gain some insight to your new #friend.

+ Do not take them to a #dogpark until they are fully #vaccinated and until you understand dog behavior. They can be a dangerous place for #pups especially when it comes to #diseases such as #canine cough (kennel cough) which is highly contagious. If you need some guidance about dog behavior speak to a #dogtrainer.

+ Be #patient! #Pups are like kids, they will test your boundaries and you will lose some article of furniture or clothing BUT with patience this will all settle and you will have the most amazing #fur #friend ever.

If you need any #help or want to ask further

Congrats on the new pup! Now what?

#questions please feel free to contact me at Doggy Day Care Brisbane. Good luck and #congratulations on the new addition!

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